Organize machine learning experiments and monitor training progress from mobile.
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Integrate with just 2 lines

                from numpy.random import random
from labml import tracker, experiment as exp

conf = {'batch_size': 20}

def train(n:int):
    loss = 0.999 ** n + random() / 10
    accuracy = 1 - 0.999 ** n + random() / 10
    return loss, accuracy

with exp.record(name='sample', exp_conf=conf):
    for i in range(100000):
        lss, acc = train(i), loss=lss, accuracy=acc)
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                from labml import experiment as exp
from labml.utils.lightning import LabMLLightningLogger 

trainer = pl.Trainer(gpus=1,

with exp.record(name='sample', exp_conf=conf):, data_loader)
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                from labml import experiment as exp
from labml.utils.keras import LabMLKerasCallback

with exp.record(name='sample', exp_conf=conf):
    for i in range(50):,
                  validation_data=(x_test, y_test),
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Monitor from Mobile
Easily monitor your experiments from a mobile first web app
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Keep track of all experiment information, including git commits, configurations and hyper-parameters
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Logs for the progress and any other outputs
Save & Load Checkpoints
Easily save & load checkpoints to help you with fine tuning your ML Model

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